About Me

I am Shannon Gerdauskas, a Connecticut-born graphic designer and artist based in Tampa, Florida. I love exploring vibrant and colorful concepts, and have a deep passion for urban art and culture. I currently work as a Freelance Designer for many clients across the United States.

As a kid, I always loved drawing on paper, especially my favorite cartoon characters, but it was at fourteen in 1997 that I became highly interested in computers and the ability to create art with them. It was then that I started exploring a career option as a Graphic Designer. I attended a technical High School in 1998, majoring in Graphic Communications.  Since then I have developed a distinctive visual style that has consistently awarded me frequent great relationships with many companies and clients as well as art and design recognition.

I have worked with some of the world's biggest and smallest companies and clients from all corners of the U.S. 

I've had the pleasure to work with many different companies in many different niche's in the past and I think being a part of the design processes in the vast array of styles and industries has developed my own unique style and work ethic.

My work is far from typical and I think it speaks for itself with its contrast, vibrancy and colors. On every piece, I aim to create living art that will shine through. As deep as urban culture —my work stems from different influences within pop culture and urban lifestyle.